FusedMARc [Lithuania]

FusedMARc and their Contraction EP from Sutemos

Easier (WTLGD) (mp3)
WTLGD (Joel Tammik Remix) (mp3)

joel tammik is estonian artist, who is known for his introspective electronic dub sound. he has released records under belgian u-cover and estonian ulmeplaadid. he has been also member of lu:k (legendary estonian dnb group) and myrakaru. myrakaru lp was released last year by expanding records. myrakaru was actually last estonian artist played by john peel at his radio show. teenagekicks3000.com has posted one show from september 30, 2004, where peel is playing myrakaru.

John Peel, September 30, 2004


At 27/5/05 18:01, Anonymous martin said...

muidugi peab just selle saate maha võtma, mille mina siia lingin.


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