Stella - Love You Boy

Made in Stella`s rehearsal, last weekend by group of "multimediapirates" and thats why whole concept of a song is cut upside down. You might not recognize it unless you have heard them doing the same song for Raadio2 Vibratsioon Session. And that is about to happen soon...


At 17/11/06 19:30, Blogger ed said...

Huvitav, et ühtki kommentaari pole veel, mulle küll väga meeldib!!!


At 23/11/06 13:48, Blogger la bambassadeur said...

mulle meelib ka ikkagi, hoolimata möningatest nn. tehnilistest viperustest.
vähemalt keegi on midagi loonud.
Nüüd on R2 vibratsiooni lindistus ka valmis, soe kui pagaripirukas, vaadake maispeisist üle.

At 14/3/07 21:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there! I'm Jay, one of those very same 'multimediapirates' what made this vid, at Stella's practice session at the old second hand shop at Lai 10 here in Tallinn.

We (that is me, Osaka and Phil) put three cameras on a piece of metal, pointed them in slightly different directions, sometimes waving them around, sometimes leaving them on the tripod.

Then we chopped it up into four or two bar sections, did a bit of split screenage with Avi Synth, and a bit of post-processing with Virtual Dub, then posted it on YouTube, about 36 hours after we'd recorded it.

Oh and by the way, the band were not wholly impressed with our remix, but, you know, shit happens!

c ya



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