põhjamaade popiprintsessid

Cloetta Paris

Cloetta Paris is new disco princess from Sweden. I guess it's ok to have a lot of princesses, so I guess Sally Shapiro isn't jealous. Cloetta Paris has been featured in many music sites already, but still I guess link here won't do any harm. Though not much information is available, except that Roger Gunnarsson of Nixon and skivtoppen is involved. Anyway just some cute elektropop for you.

Eleanoora Rosenholm

What a surprise! I was looking Fonal website and found new record is coming from unknown artists (at least for me), checked her myspace and heard unbelievable song 'kiltti vai tuhma'. It's beautiful and fun. Wonderful! Can't wait for her album!


At 10/7/07 20:06, Blogger melodija said...

Eleonoora Rosenholm will play at Flow festival in Helsinki, on 19th of August. Also, Architecture In Helsinki, !!! and Risto will play on same festival - www.flowfestival.com


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