STELLA (EST) - New Album!

Once again theres a reason to mention(ed) beloved star in our republics starry heaven STELLA and wish them all the best for giving birth to long-awaited postmature babyboy. Named "Meie oma pisike Mozart"
(Our Own Little Mozart in english)
For the ones who are not yet familiar with newly-mothers, i have to say that Stella affects your auditory apparatus like planet Nibirus mystification in collective consciousness and stays resonating brainwaves while body causes serious fluctuations in dancing.

First fragments of an infant, specially for Microlips: Africa
Only to grasp for 10 fastest via rapidshare, so be quick.

Unofficial release is about to happen in currently very actual estonian contemporary musics overview TALLINN MUSIC WEEK
at promo party in Von Krahl on saturday, 28th of March.


At 6/4/09 13:56, Blogger martin said...

kas plaat on juba juuksuris müügil? või saab kuskilt veel odavamalt?

At 7/4/09 21:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ma tegelt ei tea kust seda juba osta saaks.
Pedrobeat peaks seda kunagi levitama hakkama. Küllap läheb sellega veel aega. Nojah, JUUKSURist saab vast maailma odavaimalt.Ja mitte aint stellat...

At 8/4/09 14:23, Blogger martin said...

esmaspäeval juuksuris ei näinud... a no järgmine nädal kontsert, eks ma ootan nii kaua.


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