J+J+J are Joanna and Johnny (third J is for Jesus, as they first met in church) from Illinois, USA. Their unique touch of electropop is cheerful, sincere and for me, much more fun than the general electroclash which seems to be about posing quite often (hell yeah - posing is the elementar part of this scene, right?). J's are not about being glam at all, but in their own punky way they actually are :) Anyways, the bleeping synths and clapping beats are for dancing. And it's going to make you smile (that's what it's all about).
Make sure to watch the videoclip of a gig and listen to a song in polish (Joanna's homeland) also from their site >> http://www.jplusjplusj.com/
Here are the sweetest pieces in my opinion:
BeepTCHES Suite (Live) [mp3]
High School Caste System [mp3]
Skiball vs The Mall [mp3]
Dorbze (Remix) [mp3]


At 27/4/05 07:24, Anonymous Mike said...

Saw this post listed at webnymph. Caught my eye because I'm actually working on the artwork for their full length with the band right now. Let's just say disco and trapper keepers are where it's at.

I'll play a track from the upcoming album on my sunday radio show post on my site.


At 29/4/05 18:33, Blogger martin said...

j+j+j on eriti hea kohe


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