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Not so often such great pop-act like RinneRadio find their way to my home-town Kuressaare - peacful and calm town by sea - but that's exactly what will happen next monday. They will also give a conecrt in Tartu and Tallinn, but it will be a little different in Kuressaare, because in addition to the new projcet, chirstmas-spirited "Silent Night", second part of the show in Kuressaare will include their earlier hits and dance-rhytms. I think the last is exactly what has made them so popular in Estonia - ambient saxophone sound spiced up with techno-beats and exceptional industrial noise.

I also read an interview with Tapani Rinne made by Finpop over two years ago. And you should definitely check out the audio/video section on their webpage.

Info about RinneRadio in Kuressaare is here.


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