Wildbirds & Peacedrums / ASS [SWE]

A Past.
Stockholm south, somewhere. A garden community backyard, laid out with flowers, trees, and ornamental shrubs.
Little music festival, held in grass field- Ljummen.
Whole lotta acts, too many to remember. But two of them are lifting my senses.
I see most minimalist duo built on vocals and nearly trance, tribal drumming.
Loud/silently sheering the spirit by only exhalation.
And it takes me into mysterious mind altered states.
Phenomena of Wildbirds & Peacedrums is yet more harder to express.
Ambience still different from what you can expect after listening their "mighty myspace" page.
It balances between the lines of major categories of pop, spiritual, blues, soul but still flips into something primitive and pure what you don`t really wanna label.
A mix of spiritual pop, free-blues and raw soulmusic in another words.
In live She shifts between singing beautiful poetry (with variety of voice from blues mama to folky fairy) and helping Him in rhythmics. What sometimes feels more like a ritual than just performance.

Recent album (under Found You Recordings), titled Heartcore gives a little hint what its all about.

I can`t tell in his eyes.mp3

mp3 excerpts:@ midheaven

Other collective, from i got kicked by mind that evening is ASS.
Stands for Andreas Söderström Solo. Busy Stockholms musician.
Not really emphasized as typical singer-songwriter. On the stage that appearance turned out more like other musicians were guests within multiinstrumentalist mood.
ASS plays folk`n`tronics in mellow nordic nostalgic mood. Songs are crafted with samples, xylo, percussions, double-bass, different plates, keys.
Like a soundtrack for imaginery John Fahey, Nick Drake, Õunaviks evening session with long forgotten free jazz improvidents.

Self-titled album under Headspin Recordings available here

When Astrid smiles.mp3

A Future.
Stands for Flow Festival
Also for chance to catch ASS live there, already in next week.
Among the artists as lovely sistas CocoRosie, microlips flavours: !!!, ESG, Architecture in Helsinki, Risto, Rätto&Lehtisalo plus grandmasta Gilles Peterson and Terry Callier, Bebel Gilberto, Tiefschwarz and Carl Graig to name the faves.
Sadly Sebastien Tellier has cancelled his gig in Helsinki and all of his performances scheduled for this year.


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