Kosmosepoiss [Estonia]


kosmosepoiss is actually paul from infamous rockband depoo. as kosmosepoiss he's making danceable music influenced by video game music or 80s electrodisco. from webpage you can find a lot of demos and sketches. hopefully he'll find motivation he needs and finishes some tracks. i link here his newer tracks. simple, nice and glamorous 80s sound.

don't fall of the universe (mp3)
primary target (mp3)


At 29/4/05 18:40, Blogger martin said...

igaks juhuks depoo kodu kah http://www.zone.ee/depookodulehekylg/

ülbe on muidugi endale ise kommentaare tekitada

At 30/4/05 01:11, Blogger ed said...

muide, selle kosmosepoisi sait sattus mullegi paar päeva tagasi täiesti juhuslikult ette:) aga normaalne tüüp tundub olevat.

At 6/5/05 11:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

also, you can find a vocal mix of one the songs from www.leechband.com/tmp1/kosmosepoiss-soulengineering.mp3


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