Les Diamants [Estonia]

Now this might sound a bit radical (in fact, they are fucking radical) but they are probably telling the truth - "First Estonian garage rock CD is released." There's a full-length mp3 available from Les Diamants' debut "Fortune Fools" album. At least. Now let's jubilate!

"We're not copycats, we have adopted all the aspects of modern and original garage rock and turned them into a unique mixture."

Gimme All Your Diamonds [mp3]


At 11/2/06 19:41, Blogger la bambassadeur said...

"First Estonian garage rock CD is released."
To be honest, previous sentence is not 100% truthful. First estonian cd containing so called garage rock is "Garage ja Mürage" compilation of estonian noise scene, released 2004 by Sewercide Lo-Fi.
Purchase it: http://www.lasering.ee/index.php?make=item_show&toote_id=9054


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