Kreatiivmootor [Estonia]

in summer i heard from radio some weird estonian music by artist called kreatiivmootor. it was event to hear something by estonians. only there were no information about them anywhere. few weeks ago i found this page and i thought roomet's email seemed familiar. but suddenly i managed to find even kreatiivmootor's site.
kreatiivmootor is few friends who want to make music but don't know how do to it. well, that's not problem. they have computers and guitars and vocals and good musical knowledge and ideas. folk, punk, idm, bossa, weird, pop. of course, it would be good to undestand estonian listening their songs but on their site are some explanations. their big hit "irratsionaalne" is actually understandable without them. vocals are mainly by roomet who's been big influence in my life. especially thanks to his lectures which made me do some important decisions. well, now he's influencing through music. great!

irratsionaalne (mp3)
sünteetiline suhe (mp3)
kaubanduslikud teadaanded (h.egiptile) (mp3)


At 24/12/05 02:15, Blogger ed said...

Okei, see on nagu raudselt midagi uut. Huvitav, et ka Eestist on võmalik leida selliseid asju, millest sa midagi ei tea. Kuulad ja mõteld, et .... Enamasti on ju Eesti värk ikka siuke mõnus, kodune ja "vana hea":) Väga lahe!


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