Mr.Elvis and The Presley-ladys & gents !!!*

Here`s the second post of series "recent rockenrollers reeling"or "protomotomods have gone lost" or for christ sake "distanced form of doom".

Nevermind, to continue in countdown order** the next in line are boys from Zahir
Started in 1993 as a young noisecore bunch their music isnt much changed, basicaly. Of course normaly the times they are a changin and it changes you with it, but noise, fuzz and distortion are still synonymous for the boys of zahirious.
During that long period they have been suceeded not to take seriously beerbellyed pubmusicians pro-(fessional) attitude (cant measure the cost of lost, of musicians who failed)-sound terribly similar with soundtechnical progression and take it as a rule, or something. (its of course another thesis for musical debate)
They have maintained d'trop blues booze sound bond.

If do categorize so, then they rather belong to the "loud in live" side, than " just good as a studio" side, but theyre not slimey, dubious in studio as well, think opposite.

As rumors spreaded around, theyre in the studio at this very moment finishing the new album.
Probably will be released any time soon.
Plus fellow scenesters from sewercide lo-fi are about to release Zahir`s very first split cassette Dallas/Zahir "Dubbing good morning/Silo". Already gathered raritie status, this is a must have album.
So less words and more sounds, dig here:

Bring me the head of Gwyneth Paltrow
Fuzz Salvation
New Kinda Kick
Betty Ford Clinic

* joke, frequently used by the leader of the zahirious gang, during doing his dutys
**as it frankly mattered to me, to check it(estonian indiependent rock) chronologicaly.


At 8/1/06 04:41, Anonymous spikedcandy said...

Great stuff! Isn't it weird, earlier today I randomly had the Lemonheads line 'here comes Gwyneth's head in a box' in my head.

At 8/3/06 04:54, Blogger Jerry said...

Cool picture of zoroastrianism


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