Peter Björn and John [Sweden]

Peter Björn and John`s "Young folks" is the latest discovery for me. Indiediscotheques latest whistler, as i understood. I guess they already gathering the highest radio airplay rates in scandinavia and surely will get highest rates in charming young hearts in their beating. This one is a another love song for those who happend to fall out of love, sometimes and now had a second chance.
And for me? ...yeah, whistling`s gripping, and i used to adore those introverted duets, and i still do.
The song, features Peter in a duet with Viktoria Bergsman of The Concretes.

For swedish readers this might come as an old news, but the new album is out in stores and singles on sale.
(Do people still buying the singles? I understand that yes, they should, but do they do?)

Introducing to the band, i cut`n`pasted somewhere, goes as follows.... Been around for long now. Peter & Bjorn met as teenagers and in 1999 they met John. Since then it's been hundred of gigs, 2 albums, many ep's & singles, lots of love and lots of fussing and fighting. A third album is completed and will be released this spring in scandinavia and later in the summer in Europe (parts of it anyway) through Wichita/V2. Everybody writes, everybody sings, everybody plays, everybodys happy...

Ok, and if i made you for dig under, here`s allmusic rewiew, webpage, myspace, live in radio and hello! surprise! for mp3 freaks.


At 20/6/06 18:53, Anonymous kittenflavoured said...

Thanks so much for putting up that mp3, I'd been looking for it all over the web with no results. I am deeply in love with these guys. <3 (and the girl in this particular song)

Thanks again! :-D


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