Again its time for posterizing the walls of microlips.
I do take all the blame.
But, (but..., buttoning) on thursday 30th. of march get yourself together with that other
and come to Von Krahl where psyche rocks electric, psychics turn to metapsychics and vice versa.
Starts 21.00, ticket only 75/65. Use picture above as a flyer.

Opium Flirt_ as it seems, lately, everybodys favorite metaelectronic rock duo. Band has been very active, little whirlwind in media, ( interview by Siim Nestor) gigs every now and then (watch live @ kinomaja), self released album (Buy it here or go away from the screen that sucks you and walk there to get a copy)
So, yet another chance to check them out.

Luarvik Luarvik_ split personality of a character from the novel by Strugatsky brothers stepped out from estonian cultmovie "Hukkunud Alpinisti Hotell". Thats afterlife.

Les Diamants_you thought they`re broke?, not at all, they make new songs.

hmm..., humming sounds by non-genre rock.
(Did it said something?, leave comment)

Maikameikers_ever changin` iprovisational antinoise outfit. They dont have a songs, they play.

No link, sorry, you could ask google `bout it, but they dont know, not yet. Instead they give you another 5 Stellas, the best i found was the mormon pop-rock group.
Ah, search yourself, this one here is brand new psychodiscoscreamo. I`ve seen rehersal and could tell its like Barry White has mutated into white female and has finally lost her (his?) voice.
Beatbox rocks with drums, syhtheseizers dancing with violins. Soulful to the bone, quite psychicfunky from outside. Danceable. Recommended.

Hrr+Vootele_bit bluesy soundtrack for choreographic happening.


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