Saxon Shore [USA]

The Daily Dose of my musical remedy has given me some signs. Don`t ask, havent fully founded out yet.
Hallucinating hearing? Another anagogic pleasure?. The minds digester?
Well, by all odds, pleasures mine.
Associated similarities with Mogwai, Mew, Electrelane, M83, Silverbullit, Grandaddy etc. its all there. And because its instrumental you get also that post-rock touch in it. Epic if you will.
Trip into the exquisite death of SAXON SHORE
the revolution will be streaming
amber, ember, glow
secret fire, binding light
April 14
May 26
21 Jan 06


At 18/4/06 19:26, Blogger glemm said...

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At 19/4/06 13:44, Blogger la bambassadeur said...

sorri kuid mu ainsad grafitileheküljed on tuhmuvad kritseldused, omaaegsetest lemmikbändinimedest, Kuressaare tänavatel.

At 22/4/06 19:19, Blogger ell said...

hei! minu kodulinn on ka Kuressaare. mis gräffiti, bändid ja kritseldused :) ?! kas mul on au sind tunda?


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