Euromotion [USA]

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[mp3] Get Serious (EP version)
[mp3] Sneak Away (live)
[mp3] Don't Tell Me Your Name (LP version)

Okay, it's summertime and party-time. You have almost a whole week to get to know Euromotion. Another euro-band, but this time from USA, Portland. Take it as homework (a lot of mp3s on their page), which has to be done before weekend and when Friday comes then we're gonna PAAARTYYYY!!!! with Euromotion. We just have to tell them, that the party is here.

Also pay attention to the super-cool posters they have.

P.S. You need to get serious, SERIOUS, on the dancfloor!!

[mp3] Farewell


At 25/7/06 10:13, Anonymous esta said...

mulle meeldiks, kui kõik nende kodukal kirjutatu tõele vastaks (tsiteerin: "Tell us when the party is, we will be there at the appointed time.")


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