I Love Sarah [Belgium] / Plink-Plonk festival

[mp3] I Love Sarah - QCQ L Zouk
[mp3] I Love Sarah - Toothbrush

[mp3] My Darling YOU! - Everything, allright?!
[m3u] Köök - Ihar Tantsupõrand (excerpt)

I Love Sarah is a Belgian duo. I saw them live on the Plink-Plonk music festival. I'm glad that Holy God brought us together - I Love Sarah and a sinful man like me.
I'm sure that you don't understand what I mean. I also had no expectations at all - I even didn't recall how did they sound or who they were, although I had listened all the mp3 samples provided on the Plink-Plonk website before the festival. So no impression what so ever. But after the show those mp3s started to make sense to me and sounded much better. They had a lot power and energy in their show. I think, that I Love Sarah is one of those bands you definately shoud see live.

Plink-Plonk music festival also hosted many microlips earlier favourites. My Darling YOU! is probably the most mentioned group in microlips. I finally also managed to get a picture with upcoming popstars like my brother did... although that statement would have been true last year, while now they already are popstars. I think they should open a section of pictures on their website of fans wearing T-shirts with their favourite artists (other than My Darling YOU!, of course) :)
In all the chatting and taking pictures I somehow managed to lose my head and forgot to buy their CD. Don't make the same mistake - buy it now!!!

KÖÖK was also one of the bands performing on the festival. I finally got their long waited album. If I recall correctly, a year ago Jaan told that they will have an album released in autumn. Anyway - it's finally out now! I've already had a chance to listen it a couple of times and it sounds fabulous as did their show. Buy it from Muda Music.
Röövel Ööbik's live was also very powerful - it made my body move. I have to agree - one of the best live bands ever.
Unfortunately the sound of the stage where Ans. Andur and Les Diamants performed somehow flow by me. I probably sat on the wrong place and was too lazy to move.

Between the shows of My Darling YOU! and KÖÖK performed a lot of noisy rock bands, and lover of synths and bleepy disco music as I am, this was the time to catch up with old friends and meet some new. I met Lime from Jazzotheque's for the first time. I also met Martin from our own microlips, with whom i had communicated only by e-mail and microlips for over a year now :)
I also saw two SonicMonks there moving around time to time :)

So that was definately one fun weekend. I'm already waiting for the next summer and Plink-Plonk again.


At 18/7/06 19:17, Anonymous lörö said...

ai jaa! aga mina nägin sind seal. (tundsin su ära kickäss särgi järgi)

At 19/7/06 00:05, Anonymous Hell Monkey said...

nii tähelepanelik poiss:)
Ma nägin ka seda särki ringi kõndimas. Päris pilkupüüdev.
Kahju muidu, et kuidagi vähe rahvast oli. Loodetavasti ei jää seetõttu järgmisel aastal pidu ära.

At 19/7/06 15:21, Blogger ed said...

no kena, järgmisel aastal panen microlipsi t-särgi selga, siis tunnevad kõik juba enne pildivaatamist ära.


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