Sally Shapiro [Sweden]

Sally Shapiro

yes, i have too orthodox music taste for this blog, so sometimes i'm afraid to post here. you know, i only listen to indiepop and italo disco (i have all Anne Veski LPs) everyday, last nights i've spent with Beach Boys DVDs. i like even hiphop. i'm spoiled. ahh, who cares! i have microlips account and i can post my favorite music.
Sally Shapiro is swedish disco princess. she is highly praised. so you possibly already know her songs. her beautiful shy voice and this great synthpop and italo influenced production by Johan Agebjörn. sally's album would be in my Album of Year 2006 lists, if i only had it in time. well, it is next record in my wantlist. listen, my friends! i guess, i love sally shapiro! this music is gorgeous!
happy holidays!

Anorak Christmas (mp3)
I know (mp3)


At 25/12/06 19:15, Blogger Zachary said...

mmm, i think i like it

At 30/12/06 00:40, Blogger ed said...

Hi-hi-hii:) Mina kuulen temast küll esimest korda. Igaljuhul tahan plaati!

At 10/1/07 13:32, Blogger melodija said...

pole paha:


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