Sethh [Estonia]

Sethh is 20 year old newcomer in Estonian music scene with outstanding sense in popmusic. Most of his tracks are full of funny and less funny (sometimes eerie) vocal experimentations. He has also e-released a free mp3 promo album called "Elite promo", which refers to an interesting phenomen in local popculture which declares that (among likeminded artists) anyone recording and playing all instruments by himself can and should release an album using the "performer & Elite" form in the title. A very nice move towards indie-revolution, seems to me. So, here's Sethh & Elite covering Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (Sethh remake) [mp3]


At 1/2/07 00:30, Anonymous annu said...

Sethh has been one of my favourite one's since he came 'to the stage'. He's my schoolmate and as I heard he's doing music just by himself... I instantly took it. I really like what he does (though I do not listen to that kind of music much) and I hope he has potential and wp to move!

At 21/2/07 13:15, Blogger Craig Cobb said...

Sethh, could you record some traditional Jewish music in your distinctive screeching, angst-ridden, neurotic-psychotic style? If you do, we promise to use it on Goyfire! Shalom!
~Craig Cobb


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