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Homecoming [mp3]
Fuck Nicole [mp3]
We are the Teenagers [mp3]

I had a chance to talk about the band with Dorian, so I could put together a post about the band. The Teenagers was formed in Christmas 2005, when Michael, Dorian and Quentin “were together for xmas, drunk some cheap vodka and started to write Fuck Nicole”. Michael plays bass, Dorian plays guitar and Quentin sings. They will start doing gigs in March 2007 (the closest to us is probably in Stockholm on 31st of March). They also play DJ sets (check out the dates and places from Myspace).

Creating the songs, they usually first make up the music and then start thinking about the theme for the song. The inspiration, Dorian says, for their music and lyrics comes not so much from their musical influences and favourites, but has more to do with their own lives. “One of us is really into hardcore music, and we listen to a lot of electronic/techno and pop mainstream music... I think you can’t really hear that when you’re listening to The Teenagers. Maybe I’m wrong”, he adds.

The Teenagers haven’t published any records yet, but they have signed a deal with a Canadian label called S.L.U. (home of Crystal Castles, Duchess Says, Dandi Wind). They will release their debut EP with them. Also, Dorian adds, that it’s too early to talk about the matter anyway.

So we can be sure that this is not the last we hear from the Teenagers.


At 11/1/07 21:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fooking great post !!! keep them coming.

At 23/1/07 01:22, Blogger disaster said...

the teenagers are my heroes.
awesome post.

At 7/2/07 20:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love my English romance *

It was perfect. They're perfect.


At 24/9/07 12:13, Blogger Stressed Out said...

I think I'm in love!

At 16/6/09 03:58, Anonymous highclass said...

This is a nice post. You should emphasize more the need of education in our lives, tough.

At 5/8/09 19:36, Anonymous te said...

yeah ... i'd love to be a teen again ..

At 5/8/09 19:36, Anonymous teen said...

yeah ... i'd love to be a teen again ..


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