Eurosport [Sweden]

eurosport (non-.tk link) and songs i wish i had written

oh yes, again some filthy electropop from sweden

euroheart (club edit) (mp3)
your brother is my only hope (mp3)
tell no one about tonight (mp3)

edit 20.6.05:
eurosport music baby (mp3)


At 17/5/05 03:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello dear..nice of you to talk about us! well.. it's only euroheart that can be downloaded.. the other ones is at: home.swipnet.se/fredhell/eurosport/music bya bye!!

At 17/5/05 18:53, Blogger martin said...

hehe, thanks for link, i changed it in my post too. i should have shared some emotions, but i was too lazy. well, i really like your tracks.

for our readers i should say that swedish recordlabel and mail order songs i wish i had written has released eurosport ep!

At 12/6/05 16:05, Anonymous evelin said...

väga retro hõngulised lood. mõned sarnasused depeche mode`iga.

At 20/6/05 23:49, Blogger martin said...

kuulake seda uut lugu (ep esimene lugu muide), nagu mingi dallas. siis ostke "kohalik ja kohatu", seal on dallase meeste uus bänd mirabilia, täielik synthpopp ja eriti hea selline.


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