Senor Coconut [Germany]

Jacko has lots of trouble these days. Let's hope King of Pop will come out of this :) You can support him here, or at least learn to moonwalk. Btw, Senor Coconut (aka Atom Heart) has done some great covers of pop/rock classics in his groovy electro-latin key. He began as a Kraftwerk's tribute project turning electro pioneers' melodies into sambas and cha-chas. I like Jackson's "Beat it" rework the most.

Senor Coconut - Beat It! [mp3]


At 19/5/05 00:36, Blogger countrygrrl said...

wow you found senor too!! i posted up his fab version of smoke on the water a few weeks ago..glad to see his music reaching out.

At 12/6/05 15:32, Anonymous evelin said...

mulle meeldib nende versioon doorsi loost "riders on the storm".


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