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"sad eyed disco dancers" is a track from viola's new ep melancholydisco, which also has few remixes. i guess you can call it gothdisco. i like it. usually they make sad and melanholic and gothic semi-electronic pop music. "lovelights" from their debut album is a good example. i have also their 7" vinyl, which has acoustic tracks without electronic beats and synthesizers. they have even christmas record! what a versatile group.

sad eyed disco dancers (mp3)
lovelights (mp3)


At 4/6/05 00:45, Blogger martin said...

why i can't write in english?
my current favourite track is Jenny Wilson - Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward. you can find it from uncritical blog
few days ago i got eurosport ep. oh god, it's fantastic (i mean funtastic).

At 4/6/05 11:15, Anonymous 184200 said...

Hi Martin!
You're posting such a lovely music. Thanks. Is it possible for you to upload somewhere Eurosport EP in good quality? Thanx again :)

At 4/6/05 16:03, Blogger martin said...

send me email mjoela@hot.ee (before eurosport kills me)

At 5/6/05 00:03, Anonymous antsu said...

sad eyed disco dancers on mõnus.

At 5/6/05 15:16, Anonymous 184200 said...

Thank you Martin!
That was very kind of you :)


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