Desert Planet / Screaming Timbermen [Finland]

DesertPlanet.com and SCREAMING TIMBERMEN

Screaming Timbermen is side project of Desert Planet. From lappland, northern part of Finland. I find it very romantic to live in northern part of Finland, Sweden or Norway. It feels so far and desirable and also quiet and static. Like totally different planet. In place like that there is probably a lot of time to make music like this. I used DP as soundtrack for modern first person shooter game and worked pretty well:) And certainly pay attention to ST's accordion sound. For some reason it makes this music so cosy to me;)

[mp3] Desert Planet - Return of the Ninja Droids
[mp3] Desert Planet - Asteroid Hopper
[mp3] Screaming Timbermen - Revolution Corner
[mp3] Screaming Timbermen - Snowmobile Ride with Ludmila
[mp3] Screaming Timbermen - The Dog Doctors Hot Weekend


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