NGC-5128 [Latvia]

As a big techno music enthusiast i'm always more interested in local smaller scene somehow. It's not that i don't like bigger names, but isn't the idea of indie music more charming?
NGC-5128 (named after a faraway galaxy) is one of the greatest minimal-techno artists i've came across lately.

Future environment 3466 [mp3]
Tonight in planetaria [mp3]
Friendly visual phantoms of disused industria [mp3]

His "Future environment 3466" is all about the rhythm, repetitive bumpin makes the track, which is more than a 4/4 beat. Lots of fun with vocal pitching too. That kind of environment seems to be delightful, don't you think? "Tonight in planetaria" is flooded with cosmic synths. The name of the track just says it all. All technoid stargazers unite! "Friendly visual phantoms of disused industria" is one hellhole of clicks and cuts. This one likewise the others also doesn't have a proper melody line. And i think it's hitting hard without it.

NGC-5128's microweb

And if you'd like to know more about Ventspils' electronic music collective (as they are closer than ever), you should check their site here. They've got some mad atmospheric tunes out there.

Ja palju õnne Kineetikule shtcake'st!


At 20/6/05 18:58, Blogger martin said...

kirjuta tiskotownist ka, siis saab selle laevareisi peal kuulata nii ventspilsi kui ka saaremaa mussi :) http://tiskotown.hkv.ee/


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