50hertz [Sweden]


overdose of swedish electro? haha. here's some more. 50hertz is fun and ill synthpunk. they are even famous (they remixed björk's "army of me"). now you can download their new ep for free. you're welcome! (and i don't understand what they are singing about)

kärleken är blind (mp3)
50hertz spelar i mitt stall (mp3)
intergrill (mp3)


At 6/6/05 16:02, Blogger suhkruhai said...

kärleken är blind = love is blind :)
this tune totally rocks!

At 7/6/05 15:07, Blogger kineetik said...

integrill is totally crazy

At 12/6/05 14:59, Anonymous evelin said...

intergrill - rootsi keelsed vahepalad on tuusad. mida iganes see intergrill eesti keeles ei tähendaks, on see tõeline meeleolu lugu.


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