Matti Kallioinen [Sweden]

his site and recordlabel abnormal audio

Matti Kallioinen is fun! I've been listening to his melodies for a while now and every time i do, it reminds me to grab a good old nintendo game for much more fun. However childish and ridiculous Matti's playfulness might sound at first, it will cheer you up and you are going to like it. His influences go back to the early days of moog-music when Bruce Haack made great music for children with his own-built instruments and modular synths. Matti just sounds a bit edgier in the age of IDM and synthpop than his pre-historical ancestor, but they do have a similar mood in their music. Oh well, just enter the 8-bit wonderland...

Dancing [mp3]
Gargamel [mp3]


At 15/6/05 01:08, Anonymous evelin said...

gargamel - we live in america?

mõnusad saundid on mõlemas loos. ülivaikselt kuulates tajub helisid väga peenelt.


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