The Light Bulb Project [Sweden]

The Light Bulb Project och Smashing Time

disco and pop and electro and glamour and girls!

sugar sugar (mp3)
sail away (mp3)


At 18/7/05 22:32, Blogger suhkruhai said...

täitsa mõnus disko

At 21/7/05 09:31, Anonymous spikedcandy said...

Wow! Amazing stuff! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I hadn't seen your blog before and I really love it.

At 24/7/05 12:02, Blogger martin said...

thank you! :)

At 11/9/05 17:01, Anonymous spikedcandy said...

hi again martin,
i've been desperately in love with these songs ever since i first heard them on your blog.
where can i buy them?

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