Def Räädu [Estonia]

well, now i will sound really cheesy, but i want to celebrate today's independence day of estonia. for such a beautiful day i will post you a link to the real classic of estonian vocal house! def räädu has been around for years, they are from rakvere and they have made sounds of different modern music styles, as house, reggae, hiphop, nujazz etc. lejal genes, their record label (also from rakvere), has made available some of their earlier releases to download. among them is café liquid deluxe, which has also my old favorite "limiitideta action mõmmi baaris". of course, you need to understand lyrics to get most of it, but same time you can take it as one great mystery. i guess title translates as "action without limits at mõmmi bar" ('mõmmi' is teddy bear, you know).

limiitideta action mõmmi baaris (mp3)

PS until next thursday we all should check out raadio 2 shows from february 23. this day radio 2 played only estonian music. yes! my choices would be Must Mesi with wonderful estonian soul, disco, funk and hiphop music and of course Vibratsioon, with different styles, though this week regular host Raul Saaremets was at vacation and he was replaced by almost same legendary Erik Morna!


At 25/2/06 12:34, Anonymous ell said...

jah, morna vibratsioon oli tore

At 4/3/06 17:24, Blogger _l_l_ said...

Morna vibratsioon oli justkui 10 ajas 10 aastat tagasiminek. Lausa nii tore oli see.


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