Je m'appelle Mads [Denmark]

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[mp3] Kvikstep
[mp3] På Bahamas
[mov] Det Dufter Så Dejligt
[mov] live show

We got a tip, that we should check this group out, from a friend several months ago. But there were technical difficulties to reach their website at the time. I accidentally stumbled to the message again and this time there weren't any problems and I reached the mp3-files easily.
Unfortunatelly the site is all Danish. If there's someone who understands, feel free to translate:) Jenka Music has a jukebox with a couple of more songs.

Somehow, this live video doesn't make me feel like going to their gig, but if I think again, this seem to be a really cool live show:)


At 10/4/06 13:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm from Denmark and i have seen them about 10 times now. It is the most exelent, freaky twisted and absolutely unique liveshow. They are wearing the coolest home designed costumes. Everytime i have seen them they have a new one. In one show they change costumes 3-4 times ... and it is not just a new shirt!!!
In the background of the two guys there is a wild videoshow going on and they are playing on old synths and drum pads as well as singing popmusic as well as growling like hell. bounty Niller is pretty evil!
They also played at the sonar festival one year... couldnt see it unfortunately. But if you ever get the chance ..... dont miss it. It is like nothing else... i promise. I cant come up with any reference!!!! and you will be more than entertained every second of the show. I have also been to shows where people walk away angry as hell provoked by the show. I dont see mny bands like that anymore unfortunately!!!!!!

check it out if you can!!!!!!!
I know that they are doing a new musicvideo... keep an eye out for that one... they are normally quiet good if they announce it like they have done !!

Claus - Copenhagen!!!

At 2/7/07 11:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you like these performers, (as i do), you may just like "Machine Gun Fellatio" in Australia, their live shows are awesome,
YouTube Vid #1
YouTube Vid #2

Crazy Ass Early DEVO

YouTube Vid #1

YouTube Vid #2


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