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[mp3] Talking In Your Sleep feat. Vanessa Buccella

I even don't know why I haven't posted this song before, although it's been in my playlist nearly half a year. At least I did it now. Enjoy!:)

Douggpound is a video-artist who also creates some electronic music. This song is cover of The Romantics' version and it's made for 80's collection - "for edmar's thingy", as he describes it himself. The compilation is Lumptronic 5: Lumpenwave. After Douggpound's I listened several other versions, including the original, but there was not much to listen:) It also seems that the man is someway linked with J+J+J we posted months ago.

PS - first post exactly year ago!!! Happy birthday, microlips!!!:)


At 10/2/06 15:04, Anonymous Löör said...

palju õnne! teil on äge sait. tsau!

At 10/2/06 15:42, Blogger suhkruhai said...

palju õnne!
tegelikult oli see microlips kunagi ammu osake ühe kurvameelse robotipoisi lüürikast, kes laulis elektrodiskot.

nimesaamis- ja sünnipäevalugu:


At 13/2/06 15:56, Blogger ed said...

Täiesti juhuslikult sattusin YouTube lehel kolades originaali video otsa. Umbes viis minti tagasi on keegi selle sinna riputanud:)

The Romantics - Talking In Your Sleep (video)


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