John Maus / HOLY SHIT (Ariel Pink + Matt Fishbeck)

It seems a bit odd that all the *greatest* songwriters of our time are not only settled on the very same geographical location, but more queerly - are bandmates or at least good comrades with quite similar perspectives in writing quality popmusic. Of course this coincidence is taking place only in my overreacting and illusive imagination but for about a year or two now (since i came across with these then pretty unfamiliar fellows for the wider audience) i've been very excited about their pseudogenius-genuinepop sound that people connected with Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti project (the bandmemebers & their soloprojects to their girlfriends' bands + their friends' friends' bands and so on...) made. There are several superfun artists to talk about in near future.. but for now:

John Maus (the keyboard player in Haunted Graffiti), who finally got his debut (called "Songs" - simple as that) released under Upset The Rhythm. As far as i know, it consists of his older tracks, recorded years ago and which have been circling around the net for a little while on his self-produced albums called "I want to live" and "Loveletters from hell". Most of the old tracks on "Songs" are renamed of course. This is said to be a lifework of his. Maus is skilfully generating a network of nostalgia feelings by his 80's style non-existent new wave and eccentric minimalism. This is something to experience yourself. This is somehow so familiar and so fresh at the same time.

[mp3] Do Your Best (watch the live video at The Echo here)
[mp3] Don't be a Body
[mp3] Just Wait Till Next Year

And another great album called "Stranded at Two Harbors" is out by HOLY SHIT, which is Ariel + Matt Fishbeck (ex-Push Kings). An amazing duo to write that kind of hazy guitar-driven catchy pop and psych-folk. Completely different moods compared to Ariel's solo project. Let's see what happens next...

[mp3] Written All Over Your Face
[mp3] My Whole Life Story (watch the live video at Skrewball here)
[mp3] Skyscrapers In Heaven
[mp3] Ashes To Ashes


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great post!

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hmmm, ma olen hämmelduses, do your best on oma lihtsakoelisuses täidetud mingisuguse maagiaga, mis paneb mind seda loendamatuid kordi kuulama.
käisin täna ta myspace`is , tore kohe täheldada tema populaarsuse töusu.
(six six six...whats the devils number?)


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At 17/1/07 14:42, Anonymous wuen said...

and what are those superfunny artists with connection to haunted graffitti beside john maus and holy shit???? could you write some names please?

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