Glass Candy [USA]

Glass Candy, a no wave threesome from Portland, is clearly one of my favourites when it comes to frosty and neurotic disco beats. In times where there is just too much of that trendy dancerock, it's fun to see everyone developing their own unique sound to make sure they differ. Glass Candy sounds minimal and insecure (almost like it's all not finished yet) on the rhythm section which makes it dramatic and tense, though the front lady Ida No (who sounds enigmatically alike to (camp-)icons like Nico or Siouxsie) with her squeals make the whole band sound as loud as a proper garagerock should (go find some similarities with YYY's when listening to 'love love love'). To get a clue about their notorious liveshows one should click here. A goofy video for 'Nite Nurses' is here.

The Chameleon [mp3]
Computer love (Kraftwerk cover) [mp3]
Love Love Love [mp3]
Nite Nurses [mp3]
Iko Iko (clip) [mp3]


At 6/2/07 23:10, Anonymous rayc said...

love the k-werk cover. nice post.

At 11/2/07 19:19, Blogger beketaten said...

Fabulous stuff! I just wanted to point out that I don't think Nico or Siouxsie fits the description for "campy"; at least not for people who really listen :P

(I know..I'm OCD!)

At 29/5/07 22:57, Blogger Pinball said...

väääga peen valik! :)

At 13/12/09 00:59, Blogger barti said...

the links to download don't seem to be working...


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