Juvelen [Sweden]

I had a chance to see Juvelen playin live in December at Stockholm's Pet Sounds bar, where he was performing to about 40-50 people. Dude had an aura equal to Justin or Prince i must say, it was sexy and smooth and full of coooolness. He had even worked out his very own dancemoves (check out that foot-behind-another thingie from the vid below). The only poor thing about the show was the lack of liveness in it, though the iPod on stage justified itself in a silly way too. It was kinda odd when i saw the videoclip of him standing on the stage of Swedish Radio Awards P3 Guld in January, playin his "Hanna" as a debutant of the year! I'm glad Juvelen is going to be huge, now that HYBRIS has released his EP. "The good name of pop music will be restored, and sexy will once again be the shit."

Watch your step [mp3]


At 26/5/07 19:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

check BOB JAMES - GONE HOLLYWOOD and sense the similarity. :D


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