Luomuhappo [Finland]

Luomuhappo (means 'organic acid') aka Jere Häkkinen is a psy-trance producer and runs recordlabel called Freakdance. I didn't know chanting in finnish could make dub music sound so great.

skulaus dub [mp3]
kevät [mp3]

Btw, Les Diamants' gig last night was a kick-ass in spite of rain and lack of the audience. Here are some pics:

And here's something for the breakbeat freaks, a brief history of the amen break:


At 23/7/05 00:54, Blogger martin said...

mehed, kuulake seda! see on päris hull! autentne diy punk hiphop! http://mangukoobas.lahendus.ee/index.php?0&popup=musa

tigu mu kõrvas - originaalne riot grrrl, kõige parem; kwing kungks
suvi on käes - ma olen sõnatu

At 24/7/05 17:56, Blogger suhkruhai said...

hei need on seal ju väga vihased lood.


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