My Darling YOU! [Sweden]

My Darling YOU! is Christoffer and Klas from Goteborg, just another pearl from Swedish indiepop scene. I had an opportunity to see them live last friday at Patsy Soundsystem (incidentally, it happens to be the place where lots of our swedish favourites have performed including Compute, Eurosport & Montt Mardie). They were playing alongside with Sambassadeur, actually MDY were their warm-up band. (Should've been vice versa to be honest).

This place had an intimate atmosphere, before gigs there was a musical-quiz where a dj played snippets from songs for audience to identify. Yes! It was for real, the crowd took out their pencils for competition. (I had miserable results because of my ignorance in swedish popmusic, though it was entertaining after all).

My darling YOU! sounded just like a couple of lovesick crooners with guitars should sound. And everybody were enjoying the bittersweet and melancholic vibes that the band spread and singing along the lala-lala parts with them. It was ace!!
Later on, i had a word with them, bought both of their own-burnt records (20 SEK each) and asked ordinary questions about their music. And of course i had to take a picture with upcoming popstars :)

Klas told me he was more interested in techno music and not so much into pop at all. However, the songwriting for My darling YOU! he said, is a result of some crazy and obscure nights from the past. Enough words, let the music speak.

Taxidriver [mp3]
Prince John Silver & Gold [mp3]


At 11/8/05 18:14, Anonymous Evelin said...

suurepärane jutt toredatest poistest. soovin õnne.


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