Herr Tyvärr + goda vänner [Sweden]

In the beginning, Herr Tyvärr + goda vänner was just a solo project for Klas from My Darling YOU! (remember?). Basically, he bought a synthesizer and wanted to learn how to program it. Then he was offered to play live, so he talked to alot of friends and rearrenged the songs with more instruments and melodies. And the band with 8-9 members was formed. And of course, the rest is history. Their sound reminds me very different directions in synthesized pop music, there's also a great 80's vibe in it. Imagine Jacko's "Thriller" mixed up with PSB's earlist records and add the unique swedish flavour to it. Yes, that might be it. And still not. I remember listening them for the first time. It sounded fresh, yet too much for me. I remember wondering if it just sounds oddly oldschool for today or is it really ahead of it's time. I think it's just one of those times when you notice the strange timelessness. Oh, i'm pleased with Klas' songwriting. Cuz there's another reason for this post. My Darling YOU! has recorded a new EP called "The winter will take us all" and there are 2 great tracks with very catchy lyrics from it available on their new site. Maybe we're even going to hear about their remix album in near future. Let's see...

1 Vi har det! [mp3]
2 Va vill du? [mp3]
3 Försök inte snacka med grisarna [mp3]
4 Levebröd [mp3]
5 Vår sista dans [mp3]

My Darling YOU! - Midsummer party [mp3]
My Darling YOU! - Please don't talk to me I fall in love so easily [mp3]


At 26/11/05 20:38, Blogger unes said...

tänan indievaimustuse eest

At 23/11/08 14:03, Blogger hanna said...

neiud herr tyvärri faile pole kahjuks võimalik alla laadida. kas sa saaksid midagi ette võtta?


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