Evestus [Estonia]

Evestus seems to be one of those unnoticed (but highly productive) local talents. You might associate him with several metal/industrial projecets like Forgotten Sunrise or Solwaig. He is releasing his second full length soloalbum called "Wastelands" right now (already purchaseable in Estonia) on Canadian Dtrash records which is one of the most renown and innovative digital hardcore and noisy electronica labels these days. His self-released debut "Destiny in life" is now fully available in mp3 format on Dtrash as well. I hope to get my hands on a copy of "Wastelands" soon, till now i have to judge it by the couple of tracks he sent me.

"Wastelands" is appreciably more mature than "Destiny in life" and technically not so radical. It seems like his musical journey has developed from edgy IDM-like breakcore to much deeper and experimental soundscapes. It tends to travel inwards. Maybe it's just that he didn't dare to send me those drilly and explosive motherfuckers that the rest of the record consists of, but i doubt it. Talking about the production process of his, you can't overlook the fact that his music is compounded in primitive sequncer program called SoundClub. You need to try it out yourself to understand what we are dealing with.

His music is greatly influenced by cyberpunk comics, cartoons and videogames. Several tracks are flooded with breakbeat loops and samples from civil defence films from the 50's, which have an half-ironical and critical position. There surely exists a social-minded being who is seriously concerned with the welfare of society behind that nihilistic mask Evestus has pullled over his face. Maybe it gives me a different point of view that Evestus is the one that i got my very first Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot tapes ages ago. Oh, it's been emotional.

Vault tec [mp3]
What have we done [mp3]
Outdoorsman [mp3]


At 14/12/05 18:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

tune in today after 7pm cet (i think on your clock at 8pm)


today with one song of evestus ;-)


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