Luarvik Luarvik [Estonia]

Luarvik Luarvik is originally a name for the character from a soviet sci-fi movie "Hotel of the Perished Alpinist" which is based on a Strugatsky brothers' novel. The band was formed in 1998 by Mihkel Kleis and Andres Lõo (the group's lineup is in constant change ) and is strikingly said to be the leading avantgarde group of new postrock generation from Estonia. Their unique sound has developed through experimentations with very diverse directions in music, proving them as a notable prog-rock and synthpop act as well as a jazzrock and free improvisation musicians. The members of the band are also active as visual artists and share the vision of mixing music and contemporary art conceptions. There are mp3's downloadable from their recorded albums (3 of them, so far) so i'm gonna link my particular favourites from each + one new and unmixed demo track, which is exclusively avilable in microlips!

"Baltic Station Session" (2000)
Tuulte pöörises (In the Tail Spin) [mp3]
Saladus (Secret) [mp3]
Võiduring (Odours of Victory) [mp3]

"Tabamata ime" ("Elusive Wonder", 2002)
AK (Actual Camera) [mp3]
Planeetide paraad (Parade of Planets) [mp3]

"Passioon & Fuuga" (“Passion and Fugue”, 2004)
Tantsib huntidega (Dancing With Wolves) [mp3]
Keskpäeva nokturn (Nocturn at Midday) [mp3]

unmixed bonus track:

Sinistra mano [mp3]


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