The Kurt Webbers Pink Band [Estonia]

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yes, almost year ago the kurt webbers pink band was here. as now their album "cafe regatt" is released, i write about them again. they tell us that actually it isn't band, just one man and even famous one but he is big secret. so now we have just this record with amazing and dreamful synthpop by band of our dreams. this record is full of nostalgia of olympic regatta, which were held in tallinn in 1980 as part of olympic games of moscow. for estonians it is one big symbol of our history. you know, it was time when we all drink same brand of milk and pepsi. suddenly western life came here and you could even drink juice from tin can. still most important were the romantics of olympic. you know, once i was listening to kurt webber and fell asleep and started to see dream of mascots dancing to those amazing sounds.
well, the kurt webbers pink band's synthpop isn't so much about glamour, but more dreamy or dare i say it, pretty chillout, as it is mainly instrumental album you can here some vocoder in track number 9.

cafe regatt IX
cafe regatt III


At 5/3/06 00:29, Blogger ed said...

väga ilusasti öeldud!
mul käis ka siuke mõte peast läbi, et päris laheda musavideo saaks sellest sinu loost. noh, et tüüp kuulab seda mussi ja purjekad ja tallinn ja sillerdav päike peegelsiledal lahel... ja siis jääb tüüp liugleval purjekal magama ja vigrid hakkavad tantsima:)


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