BIIT PIRAADID/THE BEAT PIRATES are out, finally... , and remastered.
Rampade Org. has finished the youthproject that offered different people to dust in radio archives to choose tracks. Previously unrealeased tracks from estonian sixties beat scene. From bands that made our parents to twist and shake, ... if i may state, ... in good ol` times in Union of Soviet Socialist despeRate.
The musical revolution, those bands affected is anyway unquestionable.
Whole story with facts and pictures by insider, is described in book "Rockrapsoodia" (V.Salumets)
Buy it, here . (Translucent to estonian speaking ugrimugrian polyglots worldwide)
Concept results with 24 positively vibrating flowerbubbles. And its just an appetizer, `cause Pirates part 2 (raw and whoo-hoo) is still to come.
Thats the reason why we dont give mp3`s this time, on same reason you should demand it in stores (here`s one) or order (there`s another one).

Does it sound like a promo? well, it is. Nonprofitable in that case, anyway...

Let`s celebrate it!
10th of august in local cellar "JUUKSUR" on the corner of Vaimu/Pikk street.
Where ensemble ILLUSTRAATOR has something to dance to.
Starts 19.00
Costs 50/40


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