Le Sport [Sweden]

le sport

they have been microlips' favorites for a while. though they used to have another name before. what i want to say is that eurosport had to change their name due to gangsters of infamous sport channel. now they must call themselves le sport. songs i wish i had written will re-release their first ep under new name and with two new remixes. what else is new? there's one new track downloadable from their website. sensational electropop!

shaking a lot (mp3)

in other news i wanted to tell that montt mardié has two new tracks on his website. i'm quite surprised. first i thought he was good, but new tracks are just fantastic. really great soulpop.

last two posts here have been wonderful. i am proud of microlips.


At 11/8/05 00:04, Blogger nm said...

Thank you for the Le Sport download and the news about the EP re-release. I was sad that it sold out before I had a chance to buy it, but now I can!

At 12/8/05 14:34, Blogger ed said...

By the way, good you made that review post, because I also thought about it when I found out that another microlips' favourite, Compute, has put new song on her website. "Every Chance" might even belong to my playlist as long as "Dance With Me" did:)


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