mixtape #1

It's time to kick in with a new section for microlips. We have a downloadable mixtape for the first time (let's hope there will be more to come). The keywords for the first one are synthesizers, punky attitude of new wave and electropop. And for the second half of it - probably home recording, pseudopop and low-fidelity obscurities.

Briefly about the artists - John Maus (not to mix with 60's loungecore artist Scott Walker's bandmate, one of the Walker Brothers with same name) is a keyboard player in Ariel Pink's liveact (and one of the most intriguing discoveries for me lately). It seems like he stands very well on his own. I won't stop on Ariel himself, the guy is well-known for now, and i'm still fascinated (considering him as the greatest living composer). R. Stevie Moore is the great influence of Ariel's and sometimes said a pioneer home-recorder. Moore has self-produced over 250 (!!) albums. Absolute Body Control were a Belgian electropop band formed in '80. Solid Space's "10th planet" is ripped from their '82 cassette called "Space Museum". These guys were fully focused on the outer space. Super Vision & Tech-lo are projects that i have no information about, though without them the mixtape won't be complete. You won't whine about poor mixing as long as the tracks are superb, right? Enjoy!

microlips - mixtape #1 [mp3]

01 john maus - maniac
02 ariel pink's haunted graffiti - loverboy
03 solid space - 10th planet
04 absolute body control - is there an exit?
05 super vision - gastronome
06 tech-lo - cadillac thrills
07 john maus - cowgirl
08 r. stevie moore - goodbye piano
09 ariel pink's haunted graffiti - don't talk to strangers
10 r. stevie moore - get the point

lenght: 27 min
size: 24 MB

ariel pink's haunted graffiti - for kate i wait [mov]
ariel pink's haunted graffiti - jules lost his jewels [mp3]


At 9/9/05 13:51, Blogger la bambassadeur said...

heameel, et microlips-esmamix on valmind, seda esiteks ja, et see on nii kuradi hea ning suund on mulle väga meeltmööda.
Absolute body control, meenutas Kim Gordoni koostööd Ikue Mori, Dj Olive jt. eksperimentaatoritega.No ja tänud, ette avasid mu silmad stevie moore suunas. Tema väärib kindlasti pjedestaalikohta kujuteldavas microlipsi weltmeisterschaft`il.

At 15/12/05 18:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Very nice mixtape, man!

Do you have more of Solid Space or, may be, you know where to get it? :)

At 15/12/05 21:43, Blogger suhkruhai said...

leave your contacts here and i'll give you some hints on getting some more Solid Space, ok?

At 6/3/08 13:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I REALLY want more solid space..can you help?
my contact is joedaniel(at)btopenworld(dot)com


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