i promised myself, i wont do it, but then i saw you and i told to myself-whatta heck, i´ll do it

i will start the series of postings about recent estonian rock underground, bands which in my opinion have the style, attitude, sweaty power, needed in rock`n`roll vertigo, some even the statement about -"whatta`bout?"
you might think, they just some local, but believe me in ideal world, with right conditions they could breakthrough into your sound systems.
as exeption i start posting with legends, dont like the word (legend(ndary)) much, but i do like the word ÖÄK, as a name for the musical collective. its expression of anything nasty, disgusting, but not through the nihilist punk perspective, it stands also for a sound of vomiting, more precisely, (smirk now) the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth. :-(¤)~:;;*:
dozen years ago ÖÄK was ruling in territories of fuzzed up rockenroll armed with psychedelic noisescapes, cosmic stardust shining allover, visible in preMötorhead times in Lemmy´s eyes and audible on Hawkwind´s* albums
of course previous doesnt say anything to you, unless you are Lemmy, the others take a journey there:

*comparisions with Lemmy and Hawkwind are arbitrary and literary


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