Dahling [Estonia]


[mp3] Wild

This song has been on repeat in my mp3-player in last weeks. Although the band has existed for about five years (with ups and downs) and I knew of that the same period, I discovered this song just lately. And it's surprising that I first heard it from a good-morning show at TV. In my case, it's not the most typical place to discover new music:) Maybe I just should watch these shows more often. As the band-members mentioned, this is their hit-song and fans demand it on live-acts. I have not dived into other songs, so you have to check them out yourself - there is a pretty wide selection on their homepage (english and estonian versions differ a bit, check out both of them). In this song particular, I like the cosmic keyboard sound, as the song altogether is pretty exuberant, keyboard makes me feel like I'm in journey with interplanetary spaceship:)


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At 31/10/05 18:26, Anonymous Laura said...

you definitely should. "sleeping with skeletons" could be definitely one of their hit singles aswell. (not to mention the bassist's backing vocal - he has the mellowest voice i have heared in years).. and "my taste in stars" leaves an impression both with its lyrics as well as its sriking, a bit agressive melody.
just take some time and listen to their material. they REALLY are worth it!


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