Paska (Finland)

Paska - Bohemian rhapsody (mp3)
If M.A.Numminen is like an old demented king in the court of Finnish eccentric musicians, then Paska must be his fool. Paska (Ari Peltonen) is a punk singer, who has performed accapella one-man shows for at least 15 years now, but his first full-length album "Women are from Venus, men are from Anus" was released last year. Paska has a really simple plan - he just shouts repeatedly short stupid slogans, like "I'm shit!" etc.and does some guitar imitation a'la Beavis & Butthead (tchh-tchh-tchh).
The most amusing part are his covers. The most shockingly absurd (therefore funny) is his version of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular bells", all done just with vocals. But as it lasts about 15 minutes, nobody probably has the patience to download it.


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