Fred Lane (USA)

Fred Lane - Fun in the fundus (mp3)
Frank Zappa once came up with an amusing statement - jazz is not dead, it just smells funny. There is also another statement. Not so original, but provocative indeed - jazz is dead and Fred Lane killed it.
Fred Lane is a pseudonym of musician and artist T.R. Reed from Alabama. He released a few albums back in the 80s. From these albums - "From the one that cut you" and "Car radio Jerome" you can find swinging jazz, vintage rockabilly, country and some novelty songs. The twist is that Fred Lane has a way of saying things always with a touch of really strange absurd humour. This track here is an oldschool bigband jazz, but somewhere in the middle things take turn to wild avantgarde improvisation with deliriously howling vocals. It's like a Monty Python's comment on 50's Sun Ra. A fresh, healthy dose of anarchistic jazz humour.


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