Kago [Estonia]

folk music must be cool. mainly estonian folk means wine drinking and not at all good music. thankfully there's some expectations musically. some of them have released records under õunaviks, which is sister label of estonian electronic record label kohvirecords. kago is lauri sommer. lauri sommer is mainly known as poet. in september will be released his second record "köngerjönks" by õunaviks. first record had some punky and some native folk, but best bits were songs which were manipulated electronically (my own copy is still travelling somewhere). before release of second record õunaviks has made available two new tracks. "kui.. ole..." is his typically fantastic track, you can hear those interesting electronic manipulations. "tii ilo" is song in seto, language from arhaic and very special region of estonia.

kui... ole... (mp3)
tii ilo (mp3)


At 11/8/05 20:24, Blogger suhkruhai said...

väga mõnus on. ma just paar päeva tagasi kontrollisin ka õunaviksi mehed üle. vist seepärast et ekspressis oli erkki hyva piltmõistatus. need hyva lood vist meeldivad mulle natuke rohkem ka.


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