Pale Jesús [Sweden]

I'm sure it will come as a big shock to you that we are dealing with a swedish singer/songwriter this time, but try to handle this, because Pale Jesús is just the guy that microlips have always missed. Enigmatic, sentimental and catchy as we like it.

mu the cow [mp3]
i opened a window [mp3]

Oh, and we are not the only ones enjoying swedish music, here is another great mp3-blog called swedesplease. Did i spell it correctly, because they mentioned us as microclips which is of course funny in it's own way, but not righteous at all cuz our so called clips are huge!


At 13/8/05 03:10, Blogger Craig said...

oops sorry about the typo! to make it up to you I'm going to add you to my links section



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