The Tough Alliance [Sweden]


[mov] Holiday

It's interesting that lone and irregular recommendations from "the New Black" have always stayed along in my playlist.

These are not new, rare songs or anything, but songs that I have missed somehow or songs that are coming back just in right time. That's why "the New Black" is one of my favourites.

In their latest post they also talk about soundtrack for this spring-summer season which actually was released a year ago - in April 2005 -, and probably was meant for last spring-summer season;) It's The Tough Alliance - The New School.

But these "the New Black" guys are damn right!!! It's definitely music for this summer's open-air events and garden parties.
Strange, I haven't realised it before, listening various TTA songs from different blogs. So, you better go and order a full album from Service shop, because warm weather is almost here.


Fox n' Wolf [Sweden]

fox n' wolf is pretty clashy for a electro group from sweden. i know about them only that i love them. 'youth alcoholic' is such a cute song for a party track. it seems to be quite old track and as i can read from other favorite blogs there's a lot to expect from them. yeah, well listen it.
their myspace is here.

youth alcoholic (mp3)

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