Köök [Estonia]

[mp3] Andruse tagasitulek

Köök (kitchen) - Jaan Pehk and Madis Aesma - two guys from Central-Estonia. Madis plays the bass and occasionally other instruments in Ans.Andur. Jaan has also been involved with several Estonian well-known guitar-bands.

I contacted Jaan because, besides the project Köök he also has a quite fascinating solo-project called Orelipoiss (The Organ Boy), but there's no information concerning either of those projects on the internet. He was glad that I like the music and therefore agreed to share a song with us - "Andruse tagasitulek" (The Return of Andrus). Simple lyrics telling a story of an old class-mate named Andrus, who has not been seen for some time. As it happens, my forename is Andrus as well, but unfortunately I'm no classmate of Madis nor Jaan:)

I should add, that it's not often, when Estonian music makes me wonder "whats up" or "where's that coming from" or "who's behind this". Köök is one of those uncommon projects that managed to raise those questions.


Luomuhappo [Finland]

Luomuhappo (means 'organic acid') aka Jere Häkkinen is a psy-trance producer and runs recordlabel called Freakdance. I didn't know chanting in finnish could make dub music sound so great.

skulaus dub [mp3]
kevät [mp3]

Btw, Les Diamants' gig last night was a kick-ass in spite of rain and lack of the audience. Here are some pics:

And here's something for the breakbeat freaks, a brief history of the amen break:


The Light Bulb Project [Sweden]

The Light Bulb Project och Smashing Time

disco and pop and electro and glamour and girls!

sugar sugar (mp3)
sail away (mp3)


Desert Planet / Screaming Timbermen [Finland]

DesertPlanet.com and SCREAMING TIMBERMEN

Screaming Timbermen is side project of Desert Planet. From lappland, northern part of Finland. I find it very romantic to live in northern part of Finland, Sweden or Norway. It feels so far and desirable and also quiet and static. Like totally different planet. In place like that there is probably a lot of time to make music like this. I used DP as soundtrack for modern first person shooter game and worked pretty well:) And certainly pay attention to ST's accordion sound. For some reason it makes this music so cosy to me;)

[mp3] Desert Planet - Return of the Ninja Droids
[mp3] Desert Planet - Asteroid Hopper
[mp3] Screaming Timbermen - Revolution Corner
[mp3] Screaming Timbermen - Snowmobile Ride with Ludmila
[mp3] Screaming Timbermen - The Dog Doctors Hot Weekend


Dreams End [Sweden]

dreams end and smashing time

here's some mixture of shoegaze, goth and
disco beats. cute!

death disco (mp3)
she touched my hand (mp3)


Gwen Stacy [Sweden]

gwen stacy

instrumental electropop with c64 sounds from linköping. what else you need!

femte staden (mp3)
när livet är lätt (mp3)


Under Marié [Estonia]

under marié - dp: this room so small

under marié is making lovely uptempo indiepop. i have known them for few years thanks to mp3s that they had posted to their site, but they nearly never gave concerts. now they have recorded new demo and i have seen them live for two times this year. i must say now they are more fantastic. well, download their demo (7 tracks) from their website. i hope you'll like them too.

the keys (mp3)
optical illusion of safety (mp3)